Protein Demystified

Personalized Protein Powder

Is a protein supplement right for you? Most people can get a healthy amount of protein from the foods they eat with some planning. However, people who exercise regularly need a higher amount of calories and protein, especially within 30-60 minutes after workouts, and the convenience of protein powder or a ready-made shakes are often helpful to provide the protein needed to repair and build muscle. But with so many protein powders to choose from, how do you possibly make the right choice? Are all protein supplements created equal? Let’s discuss a few of the many options to choose from: Read More

Elyse’s Inspiring Story

Elyse Fairburn is one of our yoga instructors at On Target Fitness, and her and her husband
David run a nutrition and healthy living business together called Fairburn it Off.  What you may not realize though, is that Elyse actually struggled for years with her own weight and health. So today, we are sharing her story:
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What is Coming in 2017

New year, new you?  How about new year, new gym?

2016 may have been a dumpster fire in other ways but here at On Target Fitness, 2016 has been nothing short of amazing.  

In 2016, On Target Fitness came into being as a fundamentally different kind of gym.  We are a functional training gym where you don’t just pay to use the stuff, you aren’t buying a class, a session, or a membership.  At On Target Fitness you are paying for a relationship with expert coaches who work hard to help you get in the best shape of your life, while being part of a tight knit community. Read More