What is Coming in 2017

New year, new you?  How about new year, new gym?

2016 may have been a dumpster fire in other ways but here at On Target Fitness, 2016 has been nothing short of amazing.  

In 2016, On Target Fitness came into being as a fundamentally different kind of gym.  We are a functional training gym where you don’t just pay to use the stuff, you aren’t buying a class, a session, or a membership.  At On Target Fitness you are paying for a relationship with expert coaches who work hard to help you get in the best shape of your life, while being part of a tight knit community.

The gym exists to get the maximum results for the maximum number of people.  Any addition, change, or improvement we ever make is with that purpose in mind.  

All that said, here is what we have coming in 2017!  Some of this stuff is already getting off the ground and will be familiar.  


First, why did we stop calling them classes?  You may have noticed that the word class has gone the way of the dodo and seems to be replaced by “Team Training”.  This is not a gimmick like calling someone a sandwich artist (no offense.  I’ve spent plenty of time making sandwiches and by a fryer). The simple truth is that as we have grown and improved, “class” doesn’t describe what is happening.  A class is taught by a group fitness instructor who got certified in a day, made something up that morning, can’t customize to your needs (or even know your name), doesn’t know how the body works, and has no idea what any other instructor is doing (or what they are doing).  Obviously not all group fitness instructors are that sloppy but you get my point.

Compare that to our Team Training experience: Taught by experienced Coaches who hold high level personal training certifications and related college degrees.  These Coaches are executing a comprehensively written program designed to make you move well, condition your metabolic capacity, and make your body change in and out of the gym.  They have an intimate knowledge of how the human body works.  They know your name, which knee is your bad knee, and what your favorite song is.  The workouts are tough, fun, and effective.  Because you aren’t paying for a class, but a relationship, they work with you before/after/in/out of the gym with anything you need to be successful.  You can go anywhere to take a class, but once you try Team Training at On Target Fitness, you won’t want to.  

Small Group Personal Training!  

Limit of 4 people per session.  Alec, what’s the difference between that and a team training session where only 4 people show up?  Excellent question!  In Team Training, variety is the name of the game.  We write the programming for that on a monthly basis so that you are constantly exposed to new things.  In Small Group PT MASTERY is the name of the game.  We are training you to MASTER certain skills, in order to enhance everything else you do.  It has a structured format and program that is more customized to your needs and goals and will help you master fitness skills.  While we limit the size of the small groups, size is not the difference.  The program, format, and scope of practice is different.  Is there a time you’d like that isn’t on our training schedule?  It only takes 2 people to set up a Small Group PT time.  

Weekly prices

This is an easier way to fit fitness into your budget.  We can make the payment come out every payday instead of a big bill each month.  Anyone who is paying monthly can keep it that way.  If you would like to switch to weekly payments I can do that.  

12 Month agreements

Again not a gimmick by calling it an agreement instead of a contract.  It is a 2 way agreement between us and you.  Why this addition?  Plain and simple we can do more for you, at a better price, if we know you are giving us a year.  We will still have month to month options available and everyone is grandfathered in at their current rate.  

MyZone activity monitors and apps!  

These bad boys will add depth to our challenges, assist the coaches in their roles, and help you to hit your goals in and out of the gym.  It will give us the capability to work with you remotely. No more taking it easy while you are on a business trip! These will be available for purchase and included with 12 month agreements.

In addition to the MyZone monitors we will also be making more retail items available for sale: protein powders, premade shakes, electrolyte water, towels, t shirts, and we will get another order of those soft, soft sweatshirts going soon too!

8 Week Resolution Revolution!

We had a blast with Fit for Fall.  Now it’s time to join the Revolution, a new experience that is even bigger and better.  In 8 weeks you will compete in workouts completed, effort (measured by MyZone in a really cool way), and nutrition.  You will make a food log and every week a coach will review your food log and give you detailed feedback.  Our weekly meetings will have special workouts, exercise knowledge, nutrition knowledge, and will be scheduled at different times per week so you will have the flexibility to go to the meeting that best fits your schedule.  

More community

We created the Facebook members only group so that we can keep our fun community vibe and antics going online.  Not in the group yet?  Shoot me an email and I will add you.  We are going to add more “Bring a Friend” Days and more social events.

More Content

This blog is the first of many.  More pictures, videos, recipes, and all around badass fitness and nutrition content.  You know I love to teach.  I want my clients to learn and know so much about exercise and nutrition that I could practically hire them as a coach.  That is the level I want to bring you guys to.  

I know this article is not short but I have one last thing: THANK YOU to everyone one of you.  YOU are the reason the gym exists and why we work so hard.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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