How Kristin Lost 55 pounds!!!

Success!!! 55 pounds and still counting!  Since starting in May Kristin also built a pound of muscle and dropped her body fat percentage 17%!  How did this busy Mom do it?  One day at a time.  

Kristin started with us by signing up for the Lean Down Challenge in May.  The LDC is a 6 week challenge with the goal of losing 20 pounds of 5% body fat in 6 weeks.  If you do that, the challenge is on us!  You can either get a full refund or join as an annual member of the gym and have your deposit credited towards your dues.

Kristin crushed the lean down challenge!  She lost 22 pounds in 6 weeks!  She did a great job disciplining her nutrition with the meal plan we gave her and consistently getting in to the gym.  Her first workouts made her sore but she didn’t quit!  She measured her results on her own scale everyday to stay on track.  She didn’t obsess or make the scale her enemy.  She used it for daily motivation and staying on track.

After successfully completing the challenge Kristin decided stay on as a member and keep her progress going and boy has she!  Another 30 pounds down since the challenge ended.  Since the challenge ended Kristin focused on making smart nutritional choices.  No need to go crazy measuring food.  Easier to just use bowls to force good portioning without having to overthink it.

Here are Kristin’s tips for success:

  • Figure out a diet you can manage and get to the gym.  The gym alone won’t get it done but you should get in there 3-5 times a week.
  • Stick to a lot of lean proteins and veggies.  Carbs were my kryptonite!
  • No more soda or beer.  I switched to flavored vodka and soda water.  I still wanted to live but being more aware was important.
  • Eat things in bowls to force better portions
  • If I want pasta now I eat a salad first to fill up my stomach.  This keeps me from eating 2-3 servings of my kryptonite.
  • Be consistent and aware.  Change takes work.

At On Target Fitness we emphasize making changes for the long haul.  This is part of what we practice and promise even in our short term challenges like the Lean Down Challenge.  Yes we set some ambitious short term goals but we primarily want you to get there with LONG term tactics.  We want you to do what Kristin did: Crush a short term goal with intensity and then keep building on those results.

We are the only gym in Portsmouth authorized to host the Lean Down Challenge.  We are the only gym in Portsmouth that measures the results of our proven system of fitness, nutrition, and accountability using an InBody machine.

I want to write a blog article about YOUR success!  Schedule a complementary strategy session by phone and let’s make it happen!  603-563-0738

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