Meghan is 39 Weeks Pregnant and Crushing it!

From doing a box jump in jeans to training 7 days before having a baby, Momma Meg never ceases to amaze us.

Meghan has been a part of the On Target Fitness family for well over a year now. Meghan has been working with us in small group personal training for about 12 weeks now. She shows amazing strength and motivation while optimizing her health. She is always welcoming and encouraging to new members and a true inspiration to all of us here.

Enough from me, here’s what she has to say:

“I’ve been going to On Target Fitness now for well over a year. I feel continually challenged and encouraged to improve. They have a variety of workouts for all abilities right here in our neighborhood. The coaches offer support not only in improving strength and everyday conditioning but also in proper nutrition. They can help you work through limitations of injury or even through the challenges of pregnancy. Tasks in my day to day life are so much easier to accomplish because of the training I do at On Target Fitness. Overall they make everyday with kids easier to get through by making you stronger, functional, and less stressed.”

Exercising is not an easy task, especially when bearing a child. We love watching you succeed and cannot wait for you to see what else you will accomplish when you return!

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