Lisa makes pain free gainz!

December is member appreciation month here at On Target Fitness! This week we are psyched to be honoring one of our newer family members- Lisa! Lisa bring such an amazing energy to the On Target Fitness community and we love watching her grow.

Lisa has been CRUSHING her small group personal training program at On Target Fitness for 12 weeks now. When Lisa came to us she was just one run short of quiting. She knew she had to do something to become more functionally strong and mobile inorder to train pain free. After just 12 weeks Lisa has increased her goblet squat weight by 56% and is training pain free! Here’s what Lisa has to say….

“I have been an endurance athlete for over 11 years and started having low back pain and sciatica while training for my 5th Boston Marathon in the winter of 2015. I was unable to run up hills with power and strength and was assessed by PT as having a weak core and glutes. I have been doing massage therapy for years but added PT, chiropractic and some strength training to deal with my issues. After not much improvement, and three marathons later, I had an MRI showing severe arthritis in my lumbar and sacral spine and was treated with radiofrequency ablation late August 2017.

With that procedure came adequate pain control and it was time to get to work on some serious strength training. I had already decided that On Target was my last hope to get back to distance running at the level I knew I was capable of. Working with the coaches on my custom program the last 8 weeks has been amazing on so many levels. I have seen significant improvement in how I feel while running and recently tested it at Seacoast Half Marathon. I felt strong and efficient and was able to engage my core to optimize my running form comfortably to reach my goal time of under 1:40. After running in pain for so long, and nearly quitting distance running, I have renewed my commitment to training and running happy due to the incredible strides I have made working with you in such a short time. My custom program and your attention to detail and form have had a significant impact on me both physically and mentally and I love running again! I am looking forward to training for my 7th Boston Marathon knowing you and On Target are my team!”

Thank you Lisa! Outstanding work and we are so excited to be on your team!

We want to write a blog about YOU this time next year. If you are serious about getting results this upcoming year, click THIS LINK to get the conversation going. We have an upcoming 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge starting January 8th, and would love to see you there!

PS: Want to read more of our inspiring member success stories? Stay tuned all December long!

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