Kathy is killing it!

December is FLYIN’ by and today we have another member highlight at On Target Fitness in Portsmouth, located right on the Seacoast of New Hampshire.

So, what happens if you get hurt? How do you tackle fitness even if you may have some limitations? Life happens, as they say, but what do you do when it it actually happens? How can we rise to the challenge?

Let’s face it, many people think they have to put things on hold for a while or stop completely – so their fitness and nutrition routines go completely out the window. That may be true with a serious injury or setback, but many times, we can work around the injury and figure out how to keep progressing with your goals in the gym or on the nutrition front.

Kathy started working with us during last year’s January Transformation, and has been going strong ever since, but unfortunately had an injury setback this Fall. She re-evaluated her plan, got to work, and has been rockin’ it in Small Group for about 13 Weeks!

Here’s what she had to say about the gym!

I really love this gym.  I have been a runner for a number of years and realize that the way to stay healthy and not injured is to do strength training with a specific routine while meeting your nutritional needs. Despite this knowledge, I never considered myself a gym person and have had many memberships that I paid for and rarely used. I have been going to On Target for almost a year now and like it as much now as I did in the beginning.

What I appreciate most is:

  • The consistently welcoming, professional staff who are so well trained, educated and dedicated to making the gym work for each individual. They are glad to be there.
  • A great variety of offerings that it is not all about self-directed use of noisy machines.
  • The hours can accommodate anyone’s schedule unless you work 24 hours/day.
  • Education you receive in class, individually and electronically is scientifically based and pertinent to you.
  • That your success matters a great deal to them. They make me ponder my goals.
  • Members are so friendly and fun.  
  • And what matters so much to me, is the hands on guidance and encouragement you receive to your form, techniques and programming.

I had a fall and was injured this fall.  The staff reached out to me and sought me out to discuss my options for continued fitness.  They have created an amazing small group personal training program to support my recovery in conjunction with my occupational therapist.  All staff understood the physiology of what I have needed to heal and have been truly amazing.

On Target is the best investment anyone can make for themselves, regardless of their specific situation.”

Kathy, we can’t thank you enough for these kind words and are proud to have you as a member. We look forward to continuing to get you back to full fitness in 2018!

Reminder: We are now taking applications for our 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge starting January 8th! CLICK THIS LINK and fill out the form to apply!

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