Your Yoga … is Your Yoga 101

“I’m not flexible enough.” As a yoga instructor, this is a phrase I hear weekly, and it kills me.
Before I divulge any further, I just want to give you all the quick elevator reason as to why I became a yoga instructor:

To help people who might not normally do yoga realize that it is not as scary as it can come off; that you do not have to be a rubber band that can bend in any direction; and that you absolutely are stronger than you think! Read More

5 Reasons You NEED a Professional Fitness Consultant

These days, it’s easy to get side tracked with your fitness routine.

Often, we find ourselves skipping the gym after work, or sleeping in when we don’t feel like going (especially when it is as cold as it’s been in Portsmouth!). Imagine if we started to treat our health like our retirement savings plan, slowly and steadily growing over time by making small, planned deposits. At first, you may not see appreciable gains, but in the long haul it’s the most consistent and most sustainable. With fitness, nutrition, and ultimately your health, it’s no different. Read More