5 Reasons You NEED a Professional Fitness Consultant

These days, it’s easy to get side tracked with your fitness routine.

Often, we find ourselves skipping the gym after work, or sleeping in when we don’t feel like going (especially when it is as cold as it’s been in Portsmouth!). Imagine if we started to treat our health like our retirement savings plan, slowly and steadily growing over time by making small, planned deposits. At first, you may not see appreciable gains, but in the long haul it’s the most consistent and most sustainable. With fitness, nutrition, and ultimately your health, it’s no different.

In the interest of today’s topic, I’m going to go over 5 reasons that you should consider hiring a fitness consultant. Just like your finances, your mortgage, your carpenter, your mechanic – fitness is another field that takes years of study and countless practice to master. Here are my go-to reasons you NEED someone to help you out, and some of them may surprise you.

Take hard decisions off your plate.

The fact is that life inevitably throws us curveballs every single day. If we can learn how to deal with these, then the process of growth and change becomes way easier to grasp. It takes a lot of practice, patience, and education to be able to do this. What happens when your babysitter can’t make it but you had plans to hit the gym? What do you do when you have a conference call, immediately after your training session? How much protein is enough, for you

What the the heck is that weird fitness thing on my facebook feed today?

There is so much to keep track of- and having someone to keep track of you, helps you continue to make progress. It’s the same thing with us coaches. We program each other’s training to hold each other accountable, and to take the weight of organizing a training plan for ourselves.


The game has changed.

Rule number one: don’t hire someone to count your reps. Hire someone to manage your health program. The old days are over, there are legit coaches out there who may have gone to school for their craft, have years of experience, and hold demanding certifications to back up what they do. This is exactly like a real estate license, a CFP, an electrician – it’s the same, yet most of us don’t take the proactive approach to look at health the same way. We wait until our annual physical, for the Doc to say, “Yeah, maybe exercise a little more and eat your vegetables.” I assure you, there is more to the equation.

At On Target Fitness, we have a proven system of fitness, nutrition, and accountability, so we aren’t just working you out – we are training with your health at the forefront of your goals.

To cut out the noise.

To that end, there is always going to be an influx of “cutting edge” diets, new supplements with ridiculous claims, books with the “secret” to happiness, and training programs that are far too extreme for normal, non-athletically gifted people. There is no reason, you, a person who is probably good at your actual job, needs to understand all of this stuff. You need to know how to move, be strong mentally and physically, how to eat and enjoy your food without making you overweight, and how to make your partner want to get naked with you. And, for you to feel awesome doing it at the same time.

Professionals help you cut this stuff out by putting your needs, first.

To get to your goals, faster.

Seriously! Why flounder around wondering what to do at the gym, when you can have someone help you with the process? Big goals require a process of dedicated work and adherence to that work. Having a detailed plan that you’ve worked through with a coach can help solidify the specific actions you need to take to get things done.

Remember, fitness skills take time to learn, and a coach can guide you every step of the way and make sure you perform exercises correctly. Additionally, imagine when things start to get too easy. This provides solutions in your toolkit to continue to give your body the stimulus it needs to adapt and change for long term progress.

To set reasonable expectations.

Lofty goals are great. They are. With that, comes increased risk that you may try and quit when things get tough. A good coach can help you form a reasonable goal, a plan to get there, and accountability to keep you pushing towards it. The fact is that we all stumble and make mistakes, and that’s okay. That’s life. Expectations that are too high limit your belief that you will get there, and deter you from performing simple tasks on the daily.

I’m absolutely not saying that you can’t ever get you your highest achievements; but, a coach can find reasonable timeframes for goals, and figure out how to get there if you are serious about putting in the work.

If this sounds something you’d like to get down with, click this link and one of our coaches at On Target Fitness will reach out to you!

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