Ron is Fit at 61!

Ron joined the On Target Fitness team about 4 months back after being referred by our friends at Hampton Physical Therapy . Ron recently underwent a hip replacement and hoped to gain mobility and strength. During his 12 weeks of Small Group Personal Training he has done exactly that. Ron never fails to blow us away.

Let’s hear what he has to say:

“I am quite satisfied with the results of the program On Target has developed for me. After several years of serious health issues and after undergoing two major surgeries in the past six months, I’m seeing (and more importantly, feeling) significant improvement in my general health. I attribute my association with On Target as a major contributor to that improved health.  The On Target program has resulted in greater flexibility and strength resulting in my being able to engage in activities that have been very difficult due to my recent physical restrictions. I am optimistic that in continuing the program,  I’ll continue to see improvement in my overall health.
I thank you, Ryan and Alec for your efforts on my behalf and in tailoring a program that addresses my needs and recognizes my physical limitations.”

Ron is taking his fitness and health to a whole new level at the age of 61! He is working each day to gain strength and to improve his quality of life. So what are YOU waiting for?

Ron you are a true inspiration. Thank you,  we are so excited to keep crushing it with you!

We want to write a blog article about YOUR success! Let’s set some goals! Click on this link to get set up with a coach. We cannot wait to work with you. 


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