Our Process:

1.  Check out our website: 

You are already here so congrats!  You have taken the first steps to a healthier, fitter future.  If you haven’t already, read about what sets us apart from the crowd. Ask Tyler how he likes being a member.

2.  Call 603-563-0738 to schedule a Strategy Session

3.  Your Strategy Session: We will be talking about your background, your goals, and the best way for us to help you accomplish them.  We will make our first strides to start answering questions like “will I like this?”, “will this work for me?”, “will this fit in my schedule?”, etc.

If you need your significant other or workout buddy to be with you for the session we are happy to have them!  We don’t do pressure sales but we will be asking you to make a decision at this meeting and schedule your sessions.

4. Grace Period or 21 Day Fit Start : All of our memberships have a 21 day grace period built right into our agreements.  You will either start with a grace period or with an intro program like the 21 day Fit Start.  Either way you have 21 days to experience our program.  If it isn’t a good fit for any reason you can cancel without any fees or penalties.  This time is important to make sure you like the program you are on.

5. Membership and follow ups: Yay! Your first 21 days were awesome and you signed up!  In addition to regular informal check ups, we will schedule a 90 day check in to see how things are going and what else you need to be successful.

At On Target Fitness we don’t forget about you once you sign your membership agreement!  Quite the opposite.  If we haven’t seen you, we call you.  We have been very successful in getting long term results for our clients precisely because we think differently from most gyms.  We are your experts, working for you practically 24/7 to make you successful.