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This isn’t your average gym!

Welcome to On Target Fitness! We are here to change your life! Here you participate in our proven system of fitness, nutrition, and accountability. At On Target Fitness you are paying for a relationship with expert coaches who work hard to help you get in the best shape of your life, while being part of a tight knit community.

Whether in a team, small group, or one on one setting we are training you to be functionally fit. What does that mean? We are training you to move well and increase your metabolic capacity, enhancing your life in and out of the gym.


Our program will TRAIN you to MOVE WELL, BUILD MUSCLE, and BURN FAT. We believe in training, not just exercising. We are driven by what gets results; not what is cool at the moment.


Meal plans, 1 on 1 nutrition consultation, individual food log analysis, custom written plans and coaching. We have you covered. Abs are made in the kitchen and you can’t out run your fork. We know that nutrition is key to maximizing the results from your hard work in the gym. .


Even though we are a gym we are the first to admit that you need more than just fitness to be successful. You need fitness, nutrition, and ACCOUNTABILITY. Lack of accountability is why so many people have failed in the past. We also believe that accountability goes both ways. We measure our results with the best bio impedance analyzing machine on the market. Stick to the plan and we will not rest until you get RESULTS!

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Why Choose Us?

On Target Fitness has been built from the ground up to get the best results for the maximum number of members. Everything we do is centered around creating a fantastic experience for the member. You will find that we are very different from other gyms you have tried. Other gyms employ rude pressure sales tactics; we do not. Other gyms have old, outdated equipment; we do not. Other gyms leave you to figure fitness out on your own; we guide you through every professionally designed workout. We want you to come as often as possible so that you get the results that you want and we will contact you if we haven’t seen you.

  • √ No Pressure Sales
  • √ Supportive Gym Family
  • √ A Staff that knows you
  • √ Highest quality instruction and program design

A Friendly Face

We treat all of our members like they are our friends. We warmly greet our members by name. We believe the right atmosphere is important for your fitness success. Visit us today!

Results Driven Programs

We relentlessly pursue the best training practices to get you the very best results! From our exercise equipment to our results measuring equipment to the ongoing education our coaches participate in, we are OBSESSED with results. We let other places chase whatever the hot new thing is. We’ll be over here, doing what works and changing your life.

Flexible Training Style

Our physical space and our programming is designed for any ability level. Our training sessions are designed to be tough for even the fittest of clients but still be scalable for beginners. Our trainers are also always ready to seamlessly make changes to accommodate an injury. If you have a bad knee or other common injury you can still come and get a great workout!


  • I have been training with Alec for a while now so when I heard he was opening up his own gym, I knew I had to try it out. Went for the soft opening and had a killer workout! It was fun, and flew by. Can't wait to go back!
    AJ Garron - ★★★★★
  • I have been going to both boot camp and TRX classes now for a couple of weeks and I love it! The classes are challenging and you will definitely sweat hard, but I always feel I'm getting so much more out of my hour working out here than I would be bored at the gym.
    Kar S. - ★★★★★