Team Training

TRX, Boot Camp, Kick Box and Yoga all taught by experienced Coaches who hold high level personal training certifications and related college degrees. These Coaches are executing a comprehensively written program designed to make you move well, condition your metabolic capacity, and make your body change in and out of the gym. They have an intimate knowledge of how the human body works. They know your name, which knee is your bad knee, and what your favorite song is. The workouts are tough, fun, and effective. Because you aren’t paying for a class, but a relationship, they work with you before/after/in/out of the gym with anything you need to be successful.

Don’t call them classes! A class is taught by a group fitness instructor who got certified in a day, made something up that morning, can’t customize to your needs (or even know your name), doesn’t know how the body works, and has no idea what any other instructor is doing (or what they are doing).

You can go anywhere to take a class, but once you try Team Training at On Target Fitness, you won’t want to.

TRX: Leverage gravity and bodyweight to perform hundreds of different functional exercises using the TRX suspension trainer. Invented by a Navy SEAL, the TRX suspension trainer is an all in one, total body workout system. With it you can get stronger, build muscle, lose weight, and improve flexibility. On Target Fitness Owner Alec Liberman had his first experience with TRX when he was sent a strap while in Afghanistan. He found that it is an extremely versatile tool. Every exercise that can be performed on the TRX is scalable to any ability level.
Boot Camp: A blend of strength and cardio using a variety of different modalities to create a fun, high intensity, full body workout.
Kickboxing: A high energy workout centered around our heavy bags. No martial arts skill required.
Our Yoga Program: Athletic recovery and correction of postural deficiencies to increase your quality of life and athletic performance.

Power: Vinyasa style yoga with a series of vigorous sequences meant to raise the heart rate, increase strength and enhance flexibility. The movements are paired with the breath for a fluid motion of various creative poses including inversions and balancing.

Slow Flow: This is a slower hatha style yoga which is focused on stretching and holding poses longer to detoxify the muscles

Yin: Practice is mostly on the floor, holding seated or lying poses from 45 seconds to 5 minutes. This method helps work into your connective tissues (tendons, fascia, and ligaments), increasing circulation and flexibility.

Small Group Personal Training

Small Group PT: 12 Week increments of custom programming written just for you. This programming is goal oriented, with full body scans at the beginning and end to track results. Sessions are limited to 4 people to maximize coaching instruction.

What can you accomplish? Weight progression, advanced lifts, advanced core engagement, skill development. Pick a goal, and we will get you there!

Functional Movement Screen: The Functional Movement Screen is a systematic approach to evaluating clients and athletes for movement competency, mobility, and the presence of pain or localized discomfort. It is a tool our coaches can use to gain more information about the person they are working with, giving them the ability to individualize an approach for safer and more efficient training methods.

Nutrition Services

  • 1 on 1 Consultations:
  • This is the starting point. Lets sit down and discus your current dietary habits, lifestyle, and goals. This is a strategy session to see what would work best for you and how we can set you up for success. Here we can go over basic nutrition information and fill any knowledge gaps that you feel you have.

  • 3 Week Food Log Analysis
  • If you feel that you have a decent grasp on nutrition and just want some guidance 3-week food longing is for you! Write down or log your day-to-day food intake in the MyFitnessPal App. We will provide you with Individualized calorie and macronutrient goals specific to your goals. Your coach will review your food log and you will meet weekly for 3-weeks to see what is working and make improvements when necessary.

  • Custom Written Nutrition Plan and coaching
  • Do you want to change your nutritional habits but are not sure how or where to start? Meet with a coach and set up a customized nutrition plan that will be specific to your goals and lifestyle. Your coach will provide you with a list of healthy foods for each food groups and a simple way to combine them into full meals and snacks. Your coach will also help to educate you on proper pre- and post-workout nutrition to set you up for success in the gym. Your plan will include a grocery guide, list of recommended supplements, and sample meal ideas. In addition to this plan you have 24/7 access to your coach to ask questions, get feedback, or just share fun pictures of your awesome meals!

    * All nutrition services include a complimentary InBody Scan. * Options 2 and 3 include 24/7 accountability and coaching via the Voxer App. Add your coach -@CoachHayleeColannino, @CoachAlecLiberman, and @CoachRyanYurista.

    1 On 1 PT: Custom written programs for the specific goals of the client completed under the expert leadership of one of our outstanding coaches. In short, you tell us what your goals are and we design a custom fitness program to help you achieve them. Perfect for special populations whether you are prenatal, post operative, injured, or have other restrictions. We can take care of you and help you progress towards your goals.
    Open Gym: Get some work done on your own in our brand new open gym area. Wether you want to knock out some lifts before a kick box session or you slept in past the 6am and want to do a workout on your own, our open gym area is available when you want it. Don’t know what you are doing or need a spot? There is always a coach on staff to lend you a helping hand.
    We offer sessions six days a week at a variety of times to fit your schedule.

    Contact us at 603-563-0738 or email us at