On Target Nutrition Grand Opening!

I am very proud to announce the GRAND OPENING of On Target Nutrition!  Our online store is located at

This has been a long time coming.  For those of you who know me, you know I have a bit of a challenging relationship with the supplement industry.  Poor quality, potentially harmful, and over marketed garbage is all over the place.  There are contamination issues, ethical marketing issues, and often, legal issues.  That’s all before we even get to the conflicting/confusing advice (despite sometimes the best of intentions).

My other issue with the supplement industry is that I firmly believe that you need to have a food first, supplements second.  No supplement can make up for poor nutrition. A quality one can supplement a quality diet; not replace it. It drives me NUTS when I see (usually pyramid schemes) telling good people to skip real food just so they can buy more of their crummy shakes.

All that said, quality supplements are often the most effective way to plug holes in even the best diets. Some nutrients are just impossible to get in the quantity that is ideal without overeating.  A high quality supplement is an effective way to get more nutrients with fewer calories.  This is especially important if you have a fat loss goal.

So supplements play a role.  There are a lot of bad ones out there.  What sets On Target Nutrition apart?


  1. Marine Corps Veteran Owned.  I would not put the On Target name and logo on these products if I were not 100% confident that these nutritional supplements are worthy of those distinctions.

  2. US Based.  The facilities where everything is put together and packaged up for you are all in the US.  We don’t need to sweat your multivitamin being stuck on some shipping container somewhere.

  3. Everything is third party tested.  Don’t trust the manufacturer.  I never do.  Most supplement companies get in trouble when they are tested by 3rd parties for purity, safety, and efficacy.  Often their products don’t contain what they claim or worse, there are serious contaminants.  All On Target Nutrition products are 3rd party tested so you know what you are dealing with.

  4. On demand ordering, shipped right to you.  This is a BIG win for members and non members alike.  In the past, we haven’t provided supplements to non members because we didn’t have a good way to support that.  For members, we had a slow, clunky pre-order process I didn’t love.  Now, order whatever you want, whenever you want at

  5. Cold press and micro filtered proteins and greens powders.  Doing something right is usually not the same thing as doing it cheap.  A lot of the cheap products in major retailers or sold in pyramid schemes use cheaper manufacturing techniques that pad their bottom lines but cause issues with the product.  The heat from the cut corner processes render the good stuff less available for bodily absorption in the final product.  With micro filtering, heavy metals, lactose, and other contaminants are removed which makes our products safer and easier to digest.

Support your health, support a Veteran Owned Small Business, get better results from your workouts, and feel better every day!  Head to our store at


PS, if you’re ready to talk with a personal trainer about your goals, fill out the form at the top or bottom of this page and I will take care of the rest : )


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