The Best and Worst Parts of Being a Personal Trainer

Being a Personal Trainer is great. It’s a fun career; and really rewarding. It might be the best job in the world, although sometimes it can briefly feel like the worst.

We have the opportunity to help people with their fitness goals, whatever they may be. Sometimes it creates fundamental change and you are able to make an impression on your clients forever. The client is healthier, adds years to their life, and within those years is a more effective, capable, and confident person. It can be an amazing way to invest time and energy.

Having that impact is amazing and addictive.  We win big when we feel like we’ve had it.  We feel like we’ve lost big when a client just couldn’t get out of their own way.  In theory, we shouldn’t take it personally, but we can’t help how much we care about our clients’ success.

At On Target Fitness, we have spent years cultivating systems to help the client get results, giving attention to fitness, nutrition, and accountability.   We have decades of combined experience. We know what works, and we know what fads to avoid. We understand that true success is a combination of hard work, patience, and execution.

One of the core tenets of self determination theory is autonomy. Autonomy is defined as the state of being self governed. We build autonomy through learning skills and applying them. It gives us confidence that we can do them on our own, and over time this allows us to feel competent. This feeling applies across multiple areas of our lives.

Fitness is the perfect gateway to developing yourself.  I’ve never seen someone get in great shape and not improve most other areas of their life as well.  Improving your squat in the gym helps you feel better about the work you do outside the gym. Having autonomy gives you the power to take charge with other things you do, and lead yourself towards your goals.

Here’s the thing though. All of our experience, systems, and accountability are essentially useless without a client’s willingness/desire/motivation to execute. To put it simply, we can give them the ball, and they refuse to run.

That’s it; and it can be frustrating beyond comprehension.

The clients who quit before they start, or ones that have trouble getting in gear. Or, those who talk themself out of it when they are making steady progress. But, that’s part of it – there will always be a small percentage of folks who just aren’t ready.

We want our clients to succeed so much! But in the end, we cannot want their goals more than they want them for themselves. And that means the majority of the actual work must come from them. Whether that means putting in the physical effort at the gym and moving those pesky weights around, or that means working on nutrition at home and stripping the refrigerator down to the bare essentials.

If you are addicted to your problems and refuse to do the work to change, we are not your gym. If you are more interested in finding more things to blame instead of solutions for your success, we are not your gym.

If you are ready to take charge of you, we are ready to help.  I can assure that perfection is NOT required to achieve massive change  : )

We like working with people who are ALL IN. Those who want to succeed like their life depends on it – our clients do. If that is you, here is the link to get started.

When you’re ready, fill out the form at the top or bottom of this page and Alec will get in touch : )

Serving Portsmouth, Kittery, and the broader Seacoast community, we help people finally get in shape, feel confident, and have all day energy, even if getting everything done is a constant struggle.


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