Supplement of the Month: Greens Powder

When it comes to proper nutrition, I am always and forever a fan of food first, supplements second.  We can’t expect supplements to be a magic bullet that makes up for poor quality nutrition.  That said, even a very squared away diet can have holes.  This is where supplementation does play a role for optimal health, weight loss, performance, and longevity.

This month, we are featuring the On Target Nutrition Greens Powder.  If you’ve never tried a greens powder before, you’ll enjoy benefits to your recovery, gut health, and immune system.  If you have tried other greens powders, you’ll really appreciate that ours tastes like tropical berries, rather than the usual “dirt” flavor of greens powders.

Why is our greens powder worth checking out?  Here are a few reasons:

  1. Perfection is no longer required.  The greens powder fills the gaps if you aren’t perfect about eating 2 cups of fruit and 3 cups of vegetables every single day.  According to the CDC, only 10 percent of adults meet this intake recommendation.

  2. You’ll gain exposure to more varieties of fruits and vegetables.  This is important even if you consistently get enough fruits and vegetables. The local supermarket won’t have everything that is in this greens powder.  The nutrient-dense raw superfood complex and anti-oxident blends both contain a variety of ingredients I am not likely to eat in whole food form like wheat grass, lion’s mane, ginseng, acai berries, and much more.  (You can read the full label here).  By throwing a scoop of greens powder in my protein I can get the benefits of many nutrient dense foods I wouldn’t normally be exposed to.

  3. This is a low calorie, nutrient dense way to assist in weight loss.  It’s no secret that you need to be in a calorie deficit when you have a weight loss goal.  That said, you want to make sure your body still has everything it needs for optimal health.  Something like this is a great way to get nutrients with very little calories.

  4. Flatter stomach with better gut health.  Digestive enzymes and probiotics help with digestion and gut health.  Gut health, your microbiome, and probiotics are a whole massive rabbit whole I could go down.  In short, inflammation from lots of processed foods and other causes can commonly cause bloating in the gut.  This has effects every function in the body including mental health.  When I am diligent about taking a probiotic, my stomach feels flatter and my mood feels better.  That’s not medical advice by the way.  I’ve just noticed what has helped me.

The meal plans I give my personal training clients have an emphasis on getting plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.  Once you have a baseline of decent nutrition, this greens powder can be a great addition.  You can get it shipped right to your house by using our online store HERE.  I hope you enjoy it and thank you in advance for your business!

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