The Fix to Self Sabotage

How many efforts at getting in shape have you tried and failed at?  If you are like most people, it’s going to be several, so don’t feel bad.  But let’s talk about it.  


You start strong, hire a personal trainer, workout regularly, eat right, but then life starts getting in the way.  Before you know it you are way off track, embarrassed, and you just want to quit.  You do quit, only to get back in the same crummy headspace and physical health you were in before you started.  

If you’ve ever felt like your own worst enemy, this article is for you!  I am going to guide you through solutions to the most common forms of self sabotage that I see.  


First, a basic assumption: your body has an undeniable need for regular movement and proper nutrition.  Modern American life provides neither and makes both difficult.  You will dedicate time and money to your health whether it’s with a personal trainer now or in a hospital later.  For this reason, quitting working out is rarely a solution I endorse.  I have a responsibility to any client of mine to be honest with them and I will be honest with you about how to deal with the self sabotage below.  Enjoy!


“Failure to Launch” syndrome. You sign up, maybe even show up a little bit, but you take it easy in the gym and change nothing nutritionally. You’re not all in, or even half in. You’re 1/4 in, clinging to your comfort zone, even though it’s your comfort zone that is killing you. This leaves you perilously vulnerable to quitting as soon as the first minor set back happens. Slowing down by 5mph when you’re going 60mph is fine. Slowing down by 5mph when you’re going 4mph is real problem. The truly bold will complain to me that they aren’t losing weight fast enough while they know they aren’t following a majority of my advice.


The Fix. Try this: actually do what I say : ). If you’re willing, go ALL IN for 30 days and see how you feel. Lift hard, walk daily, and eat real food. No booze. No sugar. No junk. If you’re not willing to go all in right now, that’s fine. But change enough that you actually move the needle and get something for your efforts. Hint: if you do half effort workouts coupled with the same nutrition that made you gain weight, you’ll still be better off but results will be painfully slow.


“I deserve a treat”.  Here is a perfect attitude if you would like to fail: view everything that is good for you as unpleasant work and view everything that is bad for you as a treat you’re entitled to.  It is THE most common attitude that is why this country is so unhealthy.  It is childish.


The Fix: Flip the script!  Junk food makes you feel terrible.  Fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats make you look and feel fantastic.  Also, once you cut the junk your tastebuds reset and the junk doesn’t taste as good as the good food does.  


“I can’t afford it”.  Look, you’ve got the money.  Yes, your health is an investment, you’ll need to budget for it, but you can afford it.  Depending on membership option, you are paying $30-$35 per personal training session here.  It’s much more affordable than traditional personal training but it’s not nothing.  That said, you show me your credit card statement and I will show you how to afford personal training at On Target Fitness : )


The Fix: Realize you are spending plenty of money being unhealthy.  All you need to do is redirect that spending.  You buy more clothes when you aren’t happy with the way you look.  You go out to eat and drink more when you aren’t happy.  You watch $200/month in subscriptions on a $1k TV sitting in a $2k couch while eating junk food that certainly wasn’t free.  You have the money, you just need to prioritize health in your budget.  


“My work is too busy”.  In most professions, work schedules are virtually guaranteed to change from time to time.  This doesn’t negate your need to move your body.  You need to figure it out either by adjusting your workout schedule or by having a conversation.


The Fix: You need to be willing to talk to your boss.  Everyone is short staffed and desperately trying to hire more help.  If you’re filling in for 2 positions that are open and you aren’t able to get your workouts in, you could quit OR you could talk to your boss.  “Hey boss, I know we are short staffed but if I can’t take care of my health, we’ll be even more short staffed.  I need help from you so I can maximize my performance here.”  I have never heard of a boss responding negatively to that.  If they did, then you know it’s time to dust off your resume.  Just know, the job you are destroying your health for will have the opening posted 1 week after you keel over. What about your family?


“I have an injury”.  This is where personal training really shines.  We can write your program and adjust your program anytime based on needs.  I have had clients with broken bones continue to workout.  It’s completely doable and guess what they get to be after the injury heals?  Fit!  It is a hell of a better than having the injury cascade into years of poor fitness and health.


The Fix: the vast majority of the time, an injury is not a reason to quit your workouts, it’s a reason to adjust your workouts.  If you go somewhere they can’t do that, you’re always welcome here.


“I’m not coming in so I need to quit”.  No.  You need to come in and do what you need to do.  You can’t fix the problem of not working out with not working out.


The Fix: Cut the BS, stop feeling guilty, stop feeling sorry for yourself, and SHOW UP.


Our first location serves Portsmouth, Kittery, and the broader Seacoast community.  Our new location serves Kingston and the broader southern New Hampshire community.   We help people strength train, walk daily, and eat real food.


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