Alan is Down 50lbs Since the New Year!

Alan is down 50lbs since the New Year and is officially halfway to his 100lbs weight loss goal!  I knew he was doing very well but when he told me he was already halfway, I was stunned and knew I had to share his story and insights.

When did the struggle with weight start?  Alan went through multiple ACL surgeries 13 years ago and as is often the case, that started him on the road to

weight gain.  With the obvious limitations to his ability to stay moving, the heavy beers and heavily processed carbs started to really take their toll.

What was the motivation to make a change? “I also knew that I had to do it if I wanted to see my 60th birthday.  The weight gain was happening so fast. I also knew that my health was deteriorating.”

Oftentimes when it’s time to make a serious change, it’s important to know what your goals are and what you want, but it’s also important to recognize what you don’t want and where you are headed if you don’t take action.

Alan was also inspired by Chuck, his friend and another awesome member of the On Target Family who started with us and was really happy with his progress.

What has been the key to your success so far?  “Maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Balancing nourishment, exercise, work and family life, enjoying every one of them, without having either one of them interfering with one or the other.”

This is GOLD!  Alan’s success is happening because he’s focused on having a healthier, better lifestyle, not by “depriving” himself.  Yes, nutritional changes need to happen.  Since the beginning of the year, he has eliminated alcohol, dramatically reduced his intake of breads and cheese, and is focused on eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.  Instead of thinking of this as “depriving” himself, he has changed the definition of what makes him feel good.  I would argue it’s a more accurate way of looking at things since junk food and heavy beer doesn’t actually make you feel good when it’s destroying your health.

Have you had any struggles staying on track along the way?  “I will be honest here, I really thought I would have struggled with the no alcohol.

It wasn’t just the alcohol. It was the social factor that went with it. Enjoying a beverage with friends after work, having a beverage with meals, sitting down watching a movie, and having a beverage. I seriously would have thought that that would have been the biggest struggle. I have had alcohol in my life for at least 30 years, maybe even longer. I would say that I was never a big drinker but I could drink big if need be, I thought that I would never be able to stop drinking alcohol for a week let alone the full four months I have so far.  I thought it would have been a big struggle but to be honest, it really has not been.

I’ve also given up the majority of carbs I used to eat. I was big into sandwiches, bread and butter. Being Irish, carbs have been a staple of my diet.

I guess giving up bread was probably harder to give up the alcohol  :)”

What are you focused on now that you are halfway to your goal?  “I’m focused on “now” and returning to fitness. Improving my muscle mass and reducing the excess fat. That is my main focus now. I will continue with the diet, the non-consumption of alcohol and the continued exercise until the goal has been reached.”

What will you do once you reach your goal?  “I have often thought about it more and more. What am I going to do when I hit that goal?  First of all my number one goal is to maintain the weight to ensure that I keep fit, and I do not relapse. Second of all, I want to share my experience with people, to give them hope, and to help them get to that gold as well. I feel that this is important, and the sharing of knowledge is beneficial to everybody‘s success.”

Awesome Alan!  Lots of great takeaways here.  When you’re honest with how you gained the weight, you know what to do to lose it.  Ditch the refined carbs and the booze.  Don’t focus on feeling “deprived” and focus on how much better you feel and how great your progress is.  Keep your eye on the prize and stick to the plan.  All great things!  Keep up the great work Alan!!

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