Eat Local, Lift Local

One of the best strategies I have seen to get the most bang for your buck on the Seacoast has been shopping local.  This doesn’t mean that chains are the devil or you shouldn’t ever shop there.  There are just some benefits of giving your business to those that live and work in your own community.  This week I want to talk about the 3 benefits of lifting local, and eating local.

3 Benefits of Lifting Local with On Target Fitness

  1. You are greeted by name, every time.  Every personal trainer knows every member’s name at On Target Fitness.  Beyond your name, we know your goals, your history, we’ve custom written your program for you, and we will coach you as an individual.  You should never feel lost in the crowd during a workout and I have built this place with exactly that in mind.

  2. We thrive on lasting relationships, not volume.  To paraphrase the old Marine Corps recruiting slogan, I am looking for a few good clients.  I don’t need to have thousands of members.  I want to change your life and I simply can’t do that en masse.  Because our clients stick with us for years, I don’t need to run my business like a churn and burn operation with a massive marketing budget.  I’d rather spend my energy on you, my client.

  3. We treat our team like family.  We all know that affordable workforce housing is an issue in Portsmouth.  That is why we do small group personal training at On Target Fitness.  You get personal training at a more affordable rate than traditional one on one personal training, and the Coaches can earn enough to live and play on the Seacoast.  You can feel good knowing your hard earned dollar is not only changing your health, but also helps build our thriving community.  No cogs in a machine here!

Book your Free No-Sweat Strategy Session HEREand we’ll chat one on one about your goals.

3 Benefits of Eating Local with Three River Farmers Alliance

  1. Eat Better: The local foods available through Three River Farmers Alliance/Veggie-GO are fresher than your average grocery store produce and are better for you than eating processed foods. These are nutrient dense, sustainably grown whole foods. All local meat, cheese, dairy, produce, home goods and prepared foods that are created by farmers in your local community.

  2. Spend Better: By supporting local farmers and producers in your area now, you are helping to ensure that your community will always have access to local, sustainably grown foods in the future.

  3. Environmental Impact: Shopping local means shipping local. Using a more local food supply network helps to reduce carbon emissions from transporting food. Additionally, the farms and producers of 3RFA are committed to reducing their impact on the environment, through the reduction of single-use packing materials and introduction of sustainable packaging whenever possible.

The best way to get started eating local is by signing up for Veggie-GO at  Us Promo Code ONTARGET at check out for $25 off your first order.


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