Fitness is the Gateway Drug

If your time in the gym doesn’t do something to enhance your time outside of the gym, something has gone wrong.  When you get your start in fitness, I can almost guarantee it won’t end there.  


Fitness leads to better nutrition.  I wrote about this a few weeks ago regarding the hierarchy of results.  As a review, I say start with showing up, then show up and work hard (at your level), then show up, work hard, and eat well.  Despite the fact that 70% of results come from nutrition, I teach to start with fitness.  The discipline you build in regularly showing up to your workouts will make the discipline required for better nutrition much easier.  


Fitness leads to better daily habits.  To make sure you get to your morning workouts in time, you will likely develop a regular morning routine.  By extension, many morning routines often start the evening prior.  Without really thinking about it too much your mornings and evenings get healthier and more effective thanks to a fitness routine.


Fitness leads to better body awareness and daily energy.  As you build progress in the gym, you’ll notice you have better energy on the days you workout.  You’ll also notice other times when you have better energy: when you’re well rested, well hydrated, and eat nutritiously.  This heightened awareness makes it easier and easier to make better and better choices.  It’s easier to see when a “treat” is or isn’t worth it.  


Building proficiency in the gym leads to more confidence and less stress.  As you get better at pushing yourself, you inevitably become more confident in the gym and outside of the gym.  This leads to less stress in your day to day.  Can’t beat that!


Better health and daily energy leads to all sorts of possibilities.  Better job performance, more energy for the kids, more confidence to try new things.  THIS is what fitness is all about!  When you get started on some small improvements to your lifestyle, it can lead to some powerful changes over time.  


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Our first location serves Portsmouth, Kittery, and the broader Seacoast community.  Our new location serves Kingston and the broader southern New Hampshire community.   We help people strength train, walk daily, and eat real food.


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