Life Changing Strength Training in Portsmouth AND KINGSTON!

I am a Marine Veteran on a mission to leave people better than I have found them.  The best possible way I can do that is to get you to strength train 3 days per week, walk daily, and eat real food.  In a world of majoring in the minors of health and fitness, that is the best way that I have found to give you superpowers and help you live darn near forever.

After nearly 8 years since we opened in Portsmouth, I am excited to announce that we are expanding to a second location in Kingston, NH!  After all of the problems the pandemic threw at us, 2022 was by far our best year in business and 2023 absolutely left 2022 in the dust!  Our unique approach to personal training, our strategy of investing in long term relationships, and my deep desire to build a supportive fitness family are all clearly working well for our clients.

As we finish the last bit of growth in Portsmouth and launch the new Kingston location, here is how you can get the life changing strength training your body needs:


New Year PROGRAM will kick off January 15th!  This is our proven 30 day fat loss accelerator.  In addition to the results from the 30 days, we’ll lay the groundwork for the lasting lifestyle upgrades that fuel long term change for the better.  During the 30 days, we will have zero alcohol, zero processed sugar, and have zero rest days.  How we do zero rest days without breaking people: You will do 3 days per week of strength training and 4 days per week of low intensity weighted walks, aka rucking.  Our PROGRAM is the perfect way to smash through previous limiting beliefs, get some great momentum for the start of the year, and create lasting change.

Sign up as a new member before January 15th and we will waive the $97 enrollment fee for the New Year PROGRAM!  My calendar is right HERE to schedule your free strategy session.  During that session I will show you around and we’ll make sure we’re a good fit.


Pre-open VIP Experience and Founding Member Rates!  We are now officially taking our first reservations for the pre-open VIP experience for Kingston!  Here is what this looks like: fill out the form at the top or bottom of this page and I will give you a call (my number is 603-563-0738 btw).  Once we get on the phone, I will give you the full breakdown.

The month of January will be our pre-open VIP experience where we will Coach you on your nutrition and start building your workout foundation for FREE while we complete the build out of the Kingston facility.  You will also be first in line to lock in your Founding Member Rate and your desired training time once the facility build is complete.  I do have strict limits on how many people I can extend these founding rates to.  Trust me when I say, it will not pay to wait.  The sooner we talk, the better the deal is for you.  If you are ready for life changing strength training, now is the time for us to get in touch : )

Whether it is in our flagship Portsmouth location or our new Kingston location, I am so excited to work with you!


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