Stop Being Normal, Start Being Human

I know I am playing with fire a little with this title as the term “normal” has evolved over the years.  Let’s talk about what is all too common and is not working well for our health and fitness in America.  Despite whatever doom and gloom headlines of the moment, as Americans we have more resources at our fingertips to educate ourselves, find healthy solutions, and be healthier than ever before.  Even the simple phones we use today have more computing power than what was used to land on the moon.  


Despite all this, it isn’t normal in America to be healthy, fit, and vibrant.  We are under slept, over stressed, out of shape, and not very happy.  Obesity is a common, serious, and costly disease according to the CDC.  The estimated medical costs of obesity in the US were $147 billion dollars back in 2008.  I am sure they have only gone up from there. 


How could we be so unhealthy and so unhappy?  I think it is because poor daily habits have become so common we don’t even realize what’s happening.  So many try and fail to get in shape because they might make only a couple of changes while leaving a lot of unhealthy habits in place.  You try hard but in reality, you’re driving with the E brake on.  


Here are 3 things that have become normalized in our modern society that are really quite strange when we take a second to ponder them:


  1. Sugar is in everything.  EVERYTHING!  Okay I am exaggerating a bit, but it is in way more things than you’d think.  It’s hard to find bread, pasta, soups, sauces, peanut butter, and a whole host of products that haven’t become loaded with added sugar.  We can’t possibly do “everything in moderation” if our baseline is that almost everything we eat contains added sugar.  Try to eat healthy by incorporating a salad a day?  That is a great habit but check the label on that dressing.  Yes, a lot of salad dressings have added sugar.  Your salad eating efforts aren’t completely wasted, but you’ll be better off finding a dressing without added sugar.  Ever wonder why it can be so hard to fight your cravings?  It is because without realizing it a lot of our foods have been loaded with sugar.  When you have sugar, you crave sugar.  


This is why we eliminate all added sugar for 4 weeks during our New Year or Fall PROGRAM, a fat loss acceleration program.  By having a strict rule of no added sugar for a short period of time, it makes us actually see everywhere that it is.  It also helps us avoid unnecessary cravings and let’s our taste buds reset so we can enjoy the flavor in fruits, veggies, lean meats, and other unprocessed healthy food.


  1. Our bodies need movement.  It has become completely normal to go day after day without any significant movement of your body.  We have not evolved to be fleshy houseplants.  If we don’t move, we’ll die.  Plain and simple.  Start with regular walking.  From there, let’s get you stronger so that you like the way your clothes fit and you’re physically capable of doing what is important to you.  That is where our approach to personal training helps you shine.


  1. Self care doesn’t need to be self destructive.  Drinking, procrastinating, binging netflix, mindless scrolling, and over consuming of junk food have all been cleverly marketed to us as some kind of treat we deserve.  A lot of the common coping strategies to stress are things that make you feel better short term, and worse long term.  Show me someone who regularly “just has one drink to unwind” at the end of most days and I will show you someone who has more than one and who skips their morning workout the next day.  If you are trying to lose weight, get in shape, feel more confident, and/or have all-day energy, you are going to have to change your stress management, coping, and self care strategies.  Don’t keep going with the crowd. It is killing you. By moving your body every day, eating really well, sleeping well, and eliminating some of the worst offender foods and habits, you lay a great foundation of positive self care that creates true lasting change.  


Bonus: ditch your phone now and then.  We are not supposed to be bionic humans fused with electronic devices.  At least once a week, if not more often, leave your phone somewhere.  Just don’t bring it with you.  You will feel less stressed.  I get that it can be hard.  If you fill out the form above or below this article, my personal cell will get a ding and I’ll get in touch with you as quickly as possible.  Ideally instantly.  I do this day and night because your goals are important to me and because I want to move my business forward.  That said, I still need to ditch my phone a couple times a week or I will go insane and be no use to anyone.  I know it’s easier said than done.  But do it : )


You have to be prepared to stop following the crowd if you want to make a difference in your health.  Get comfortable turning down a drink or two and a desert or two if you are trying to lose weight.  If you really want to skyrocket your progress, in more than just fitness, then root out as much self destruction dressed as self care as you can.  Not to be a negative nancy, but not everyone around you will be happy with your changes.  When you get better, they get insecure.  Its a bummer but the good news is, at On Target Fitness, there is a whole community of cool people ready to support you on your journey.


When you are ready to stop being normal, and start being healthy, fill out the form at the top or bottom of this page and I will be in touch : )


Our first location serves Portsmouth, Kittery, and the broader Seacoast community.  Our new location serves Kingston and the broader southern New Hampshire community.   We help people strength train, walk daily, and eat real food.


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