Your Life Changing 2023 is Ready!

Your life changing 2023 is ready.

It actually starts now, with you reading this : )

After you thoroughly enjoy this article, you feel inspired, so you reach out.  You’re smart so you contact me this month, before our prices go up.

Our first stop is a quick phone call.  I’ll ask you about your goals, what you’ve struggled with in the past, and I’ll see if I can help.  I don’t move forward with prospective clients until I know I can change their life.  (Fill out the form at the top or bottom of this screen and I will be in touch to schedule a quick call.)

Then, we’ll meet in person.  No, I won’t be throwing you into a random workout.  We’re going to continue the conversation about your goals, I’ll show you around, we’ll get to know each other, we’ll do a mobility screen, an InBody scan, and I will recommend the best personal training option for you.  No BS pressure sales tactics.  I will only be consulting and recommending.  You’re in the driver’s seat.

You’re a little nervous but you’re tired of trying and failing.  You’re sick of it and you’re ready for a serious change.  You’ve looked at our reviews on google and you know we can help.  You say “Let’s do it!” and lock in a grandfathered rate before prices go up in the New Year.

By the time you show up to your first workout, we have already custom written your strength and conditioning program.  We’ll show you exactly where to go and what to do.  My expectation is that you know nothing and it’s our job to show you everything.  We’ll keep track of every set and every rep of your training so that we can measure improvements.

For your first three workouts, we go slow and focus on developing proficiency with the movements.  After that, you can start to grab more challenging weights.  You notice that everyone is working hard, but everyone is at their own level.  No one is being slowed down.  No one feels embarrassed that they can’t keep up.  You only need to keep up with yourself.

After your first month, we update your program so that your strength workouts continue to stay one step ahead of your body.  This is how we get you lasting results without plateaus.  Even though we started with taking one step at a time, after a month, you feel stronger, you have more energy, and you’re feeling a little more confident.

Now let’s focus on some nutritional improvements.  Good thing we have a FREE nutrition webinar on January 10th!  It makes a lot of things less confusing and you feel like you have some good action steps you can take.

Then, you’re ready to accelerate the results you’re already seeing.  You sign up for our 4 Week New Year PROGRAM.  You challenge yourself to 4 weeks of no alcohol, no refined sugar, and no rest days.  It’s intimidating but we show you how anyone of any fitness level can do this without getting too run down or hurt.

At the end of those 4 weeks, you can’t believe how different you feel!  Afterwards you relax some of the rules but you’ve noticed that your standards and discipline are way higher than they were a couple months ago.  Your first “Hey you look great” compliments start rolling in from family and friends.  Your follow up InBody scan showed that not only have you lost weight but you built muscle and your body fat percentage has dropped significantly!

In March, you do your first Target Week.  This is an optional strength assessment and cardio assessment to see how far you’ve come.  You can’t believe how much weight you can lift now!

Your next two months of training are more focused and your next Target Week is in your crosshairs.  Right before Memorial Day weekend you hit a bunch of new personal records!  You spend the holiday weekend relaxing, enjoying yourself, and soaking up the compliments.

By July 1st, you start another gym challenge, The 100 Workout Challenge.  It’s a consistency based challenge to finish 100 workouts between July 1st and December 31st.  Normally you would lose motivation during the summer and fall off track but not this summer!  You’ve made enough progress that you feel comfortable relaxing on nutrition for the summer without going completely off the rails.

You finish the summer with some new PRs during your Target Week and hit the ground running in the fall.  Because we keep updating your program, you never feel bored or like you’re stagnating.

By Thanksgiving, you can’t believe how different you feel and look.  You hop on our Beat the HoliDAZE challenge to make sure you keep your progress from the year and stay on track through the holidays.

You finish out the year feeling like a completely different and happier person.  Exercise was the gateway drug to several other positive changes in your life.  You weren’t perfect.  You traveled.  You had treats.  You had a bad week here and there.  But you KEPT GOING!  Anytime you lost motivation a coach would schedule a call or follow up strategy session with you.  You raised your standards, stopped making excuses, stacked wins, and fell in love with your new self.  You’ve made real change and you know you’ll never go back. You tell people they should try us and that you wished you had joined sooner.

THIS 2023 starts NOW!  Fill out the form at the top/bottom of this page and I will get in touch with you for a quick call : )

Serving Portsmouth, Kittery, and the broader Seacoast community, we help people finally get in shape, feel confident, and have all day energy, even if getting everything done is a constant struggle.


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