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Stop Being Normal, Start Being Human

I know I am playing with fire a little with this title as the term “normal” has evolved over the years.  Let’s talk about what is all too common and is not working well for our health and fitness in America.  Despite whatever doom and gloom headlines of the moment,

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Fitness is the Gateway Drug

If your time in the gym doesn’t do something to enhance your time outside of the gym, something has gone wrong.  When you get your start in fitness, I can almost guarantee it won’t end there.     Fitness leads to better nutrition.  I wrote about this a few weeks ago

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It’s The Booze

Sorry friends.  I am going to be a buzzkill.  We all have to actively decide what our relationship to alcohol will be.  That is going to look a little different for everyone.  I will also say that most of us require a pretty high level of disfunction and poor health

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Can a Wearable Help You Get Fit?

Can a Wearable Help You Get Fit? Today, I want to talk about the technological revolution that is “wearables”.  What are wearable devices?  It’s any apple watch, smart watch, gps watch, fitbit, or whoop strap type device that tracks things like steps, heart rate, heart rate variability, sleep, or overall

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