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Do You Need Goals or Standards?

Do you need goals or do you need standards?  A couple weeks ago I saw a post from a friend and fellow gym owner asking this question and it really got my gears turning.     Goals are important.  I’m not going to sit here and say they aren’t.  But many

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The Lasting Damage of Quick Fixes

Oh the quick fix… the cleanse, the diet, the detox, the magic weight loss plant/pill/injection.  Everything is always going to be so fast, so quick, so easy…just   Alan lost 100lbs in a year following this plan.  He has been relentless in his execution and it shows.  He’s built muscle,

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Beat the Afternoon Slump

Taking an evidence based approach to weight loss, health, and fitness means using all of the evidence.  Sometimes, I write you an article based on the consensus derived from the latest and greatest research.  Other times, I write based on the “clinical” evidence that comes from 10 years of personal

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Are You Overtrained or Under Recovered?

Are you overtrained or under recovered?  Both terms have become popular buzzwords lately and they are referring to similar conditions.  Let’s clarify!   Whether we are talking about overtraining or under recovery, it is all about your ratio of stimulus and response.  Training is stimulus that is designed to get

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How to Ditch the Beer Gut

Someone recently asked me a pretty common question during a personal training session last week.  “Hey Alec, how do I ditch the beer gut?”   It’s a really common question.  There are some things that are unique to the beer gut beyond normal fat loss principles that are worth covering. 

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The 10, 3, 2, 1, 0 Rule of Better Sleep

Whether you are looking to get more energy, stay healthy, lose weight, or just maintain your sanity, sleep is vital.  If you aren’t getting 7-8 hours of restful sleep per night consistently, you absolutely have to address this.  Short term, you’ll feel much better, have more patience, and more energy.  Medium

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