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  • BBQ Survival Guide

    BBQ Survival Guide

    Summer is a time of year where it’s easy for things to snowball in the direction you were already pointed. If you are already on a good trajectory with your workouts, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle, summer is a great time! Your momentum tends to pick up while you have the best summer you can remember! If you’re not on track however, Summer, is an easy time to gain more weight, get out of shape, and fall further behind. The BBQ’s, social events, and long weekends all provide ample opportunities to eat the bad food and drink the bad drinks. It’s okay to have a treat. But treats aren’t all the time. “Everything in moderation.” Yes but ....

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  • 101 Easy Healthy Choices

    101 Easy Healthy Choices

    It all comes down to choices. If you want to lose weight, have all-day energy, build muscle, enjoy the way your clothes fit you, or improve your overall health, making better, healthier, fitter choices is the way to go. But where do you begin? I say, anywhere! Once you get a little positive momentum, no matter how small, it starts to move the needle in the right direction. One good choice tends to make the next good decision come a little easier. With that said, in no particular order, here are 101 better choices you can make TODAY. Don’t read this without taking action on at least a couple of them . Skim this list and pick a couple you want to try. The first one ....

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  • 7 Winning Attitudes for Being your Fittest After 40

    7 Winning Attitudes for Being your Fittest After 40

    Unpopular thing to say: We aren’t little kids anymore. Sorry I know it is a rude way to open up an article but hang with me! I have some great stuff for you. Why does being fit after 40 seem so hard? I could sum it up that after 40, your body is different, your lifestyle is different, and for some reason most fitness solutions are totally catered to 21 year olds . I’ve never really understood this. 21 year olds tend to be flaky knuckleheads with no clear priorities. I know I was. Despite this, many tend to just naturally be in shape. It makes no sense that the fitness industry caters to them so much. Authors note, I am about to be 35 so technically a little ....

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  • Get on the Path

    Get on the Path

    At On Target Fitness, we aren’t just selling you access to a facility or to a workout. Here, our integrated, whole lifestyle approach to personal training helps you get and stay ON THE PATH. What is The Path? It is the journey away from what you don’t want, towards what you do want , where you harness your lifestyle to be your secret weapon to accomplish your specific goals. That might sound obvious but here is the simple truth: most people are on a superhighway to exactly where they don’t want to be . Most people are too heavy, eat crap, have no energy, joints hurt, don’t like the way they look, and know that diabetes and/or heart disease are in their ....

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  • How to SMASH the 100 Workout Challenge

    How to SMASH the 100 Workout Challenge

    The perfect workout program, the perfect diet, the perfect plan will never survive a lack of consistency. Consistency is the number 1 thing missing for most people and it is the number 1 reason for fitness failure. What if there was a way to keep you on track no matter what? You could be summer BBQ proof, back to school chaos proof, halloween candy proof, and holiday mayhem proof . No matter what, you’d stay on track and consistently move towards your goals. What if there were a challenge that was all about consistency? There is! It is called the 2022 On Target Fitness 100 Workout Challenge! What is the challenge? To complete 100 workouts between July 1st and December ....

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  • Staying Healthy on the Road

    Staying Healthy on the Road

    Whether it’s a road trip, weekend get away, work trip, or travel abroad, traveling can absolutely wreck the healthy habits you’ve worked so hard to form . Routines are disrupted, unhealthy options are everywhere, and if you’re light on sleep, you’re more likely to overeat. Now, I am not here to lecture you about enjoying local food once you get to your destination. You should probably just enjoy the BBQ in Austin, the lobster rolls up the coast, and everything in Italy. My tips are all centered around avoiding the unforced errors of traveling . Let’s curb some of the common choices that make us feel crummy, undermine long term health, and in no way ....

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  • The Fix to Self Sabotage

    The Fix to Self Sabotage

    How many efforts at getting in shape have you tried and failed at? If you are like most people, it’s going to be several, so don’t feel bad. But let’s talk about it. You start strong, hire a personal trainer, workout regularly, eat right, but then life starts getting in the way. Before you know it you are way off track, embarrassed, and you just want to quit. You do quit, only to get back in the same crummy headspace and physical health you were in before you started. If you’ve ever felt like your own worst enemy, this article is for you! I am going to guide you through solutions to the most common forms of self sabotage that I see. First, a ....

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  • 3 Micro Habits with Big Payoffs

    3 Micro Habits with Big Payoffs

    You need more than fitness. This is one of the first things I tell my personal training clients . It is also why we take an integrated, whole lifestyle approach. Lack of working out is obviously part of the solution and we solve that with personal training. But what about the other things that made us gain weight and/or get out of shape? What we are talking about is changing your overall lifestyle, which…is completely overwhelming. Telling someone to change their whole life doesn’t end up being great advice in practice . You have to start small. Make one small change for your health, and you’ll build a little momentum. It doesn’t matter how small ....

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  • How to Save Money on Personal Training without Hiring a Cheap Trainer

    How to Save Money on Personal Training without Hiring a Cheap Trainer

    On Target Fitness isn’t the Alec show, but here is a little story for you. I got my start in Personal Training when I was on a NROTC Scholarship in college . I had seen how powerful fitness could be for myself and then for others. Fitness had opened the door for me to have the Marine Corps pay for my education and to commission as an officer upon graduation. Not a bad reward for getting in shape. When I started seeing my personal training clients transformations, that’s when I truly appreciated the impact of personal training. I had two clients who were parents. They were very heavy and they knew it was time to do something about it. After a couple short months ....

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  • Sleep, Stress, and Sugar After 40

    Sleep, Stress, and Sugar After 40

    Getting the most of your fitness and personal training routines after the age of 40 takes a different approach. Let’s review the dirty little secret personal trainers and other fitness pros don’t want you to know: It is never your workout in the gym that makes you better . It is the recovery from the workout that makes you stronger, fitter, leaner, and overall healthier. When it comes to time in the gym, more is not more. This is something that a 20 year old fitness influencer often misses. When we are in our 20’s, our body recovers from anything lightning fast without any effort . Once we are over 40, we want to have a more conscientious strategy. This ....

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